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Alaskan Celebrities
Want to meet some of the most famous real Alaskans? Here's your chance. The following people are happy to share their incredible experiences, stories, and expertise with you to help make your trip the true adventure of a lifetime. These are all custom trips, and subject to the availability of our celebrities, so contact me if you want to discuss a particular date or rate. We also have other top notch marine biologists, photographers, naturalists, and interpreters available to you in various other price ranges.  Just let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to arrange it for you. 
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 Bob Armstrong  has written about and photographed nature in Alaska since 1960. His books include Guide to the Birds of Alaska; Alaska’s Birds; and Alaska’s Fish. In addition he has coauthored The Nature of Southeast Alaska; Alaska’s Natural Wonders; Southeast Alaska’s Natural World; Whistlers on the Mountains; Along the Mt. Roberts Trail in Juneau, Alaska; Dragonflies of Alaska; Dragons in the Ponds and Life around Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska. He has also authored and coauthored numerous scientific and popular articles on fish, birds, mammals, plants, and insects in Alaska. He has worked as a fishery biologist and research supervisor for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and as an Associate Professor for the University of Alaska where he taught courses in fisheries and ornithology. Bob Armstrong currently lives in Juneau where he continues to photograph and write about the Natural History of Alaska.
Bob Armstrong


 Joel Bennett is one of the primer wildlife film makers in the world. His legend goes back to 1980 with the film "Admiralty Island Fortress of the Bear: to 1992 Discovery Channels "Mountain of the Snow Leopards" to more recently the History Channel "Tougher in Alaska". He has traveled the world making some of the best wildlife films in history. Joel will be happy to share many of his experiences with your group.

  Nick Jans is one of Alaska’s most recognized and prolific writers. A contributing editor to Alaska Magazine and a member of USA Today’s board of editorial contributors, he’s written 9 books and hundreds of magazine articles, and contributed to many anthologies. His range includes poetry, short fiction, literary essays, natural history, outdoor adventure, fishing, and political commentary. In addition, Jans is a professional nature photographer, specializing in wildlife and landscapes in remote locations. He has been the recipient of numerous writing awards, most recently the co-winner of two Ben Franklin Medals (2007 and 2008) and a Rasmuson Foundation artist grant (2009). He currently lives in Juneau with his wife, Sherrie, and travels widely in Alaska. He returns each year to Ambler, the arctic Inupiaq Eskimo village in which he lived for 20 years, and the place he still calls “home.” 

Mark Kelley is one of Alaska's most published photographers with his images appearing as covers on more than 200 publications. He has created and published a series of books and calendars. To date, he has had ten photo books published featuring his images on Alaska subjects. Mark has lived in Alaska for more than 35 years and resides in Juneau with his wife,Jan, his two sons, Gabe and Owen, and family dog, Rosie. To see more of his work go to his website at where he publishes a new photo every Wednesday and has since 2000 with over 500 Alaskan images now featured on his site. Autographed copies of Mark's lattest book (co-authored by Jay and Jayleen Beedle) are for sale on our boat or by e-mail.


Flip Nicklin
·Marine Biologist, Photographer National Geographic photographer and marine biologist Flip Nicklin is widely regarded as one of the world's leading photographers of whales and was named the NANPA Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year in 2012. His majestic photos and amazing audio tracks of humpbacks and killer whales have been featured in numerous National Geographic magazines and television specials. Flip migrates with the humpbacks, spending summers in the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf of Alaska, and winters off Maui in Hawaii

         among giants

Forest Wagner, owner of Tongass Mountaineering, LLC Interested in mountaineering or wilderness excursions in Southeast Alaska? Intrigued by the natural or social history of Alaska? Contact Weather Permitting for a custom whale watching excursion with Tongass Mountaineering and Forest Wagner. Forest Wagner is a local mountain guide and educator with four-season experience throughout Alaskan climates, from the temperate coastal rainforests of Southeast to the boreal regions of Northern Alaska. His company, Tongass Mountaineering, offers information about human-powered adventure opportunities in Southeast Alaska, including recommendations for guided and unguided experiences, customized to individual interests.

Dr. Mary Willson has a PhD in ecology (Univ. of Washington); She is a retired professor of ecology (Univ. Illinois). 50 years of research experience; 21 of those years in Southeast Alaska Authored over 200 scientific papers, and authored/coauthored several books, including Vertebrate Natural History, Beavers by the Mendenhall Glacier, American Dippers, Singer in the Stream.Co-founder of field station Senda Darwin and of the nonprofit conservation/research organization Fundacion Senda Darwin in Chile

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